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How to Kill

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How to Kill Empty How to Kill

Post  L Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:45 pm

There are two main ways to die Kira and non-Kira related.

To kill in a Kira related way you must:
1 A. Have a name and a face
1 B. In the case you have made the trade you only need to know their face.
2. A reason to kill the person - people dont just write names because they down can.
PM me this template before killing someone:
Cause of Death:
Time of death:
Additional description:
(think of it as writeing the name in the book; and if its done the right way then it works.(if i am involved in the killing in some way then you have a choice to sent if you someone else(but i do pick who))
( (*) means it needs to be filled out)

Non-Kira Related:
This will work differently, if you sent my the info; i'll say "OK" then you both get to RP the scene, it the outcome may vary; and you can not use any info you didn't tell me you had(same as up there if i am involved you can send it to someone else(in truth in a case like this i'd recomend it))
PM me this Template:
Character name:
Place of death:(may not be the same place you send, but it should be where you start your plan)
How you plan to kill:


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