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Not a good hideout

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Not a good hideout Empty Not a good hideout

Post  Lady Kurai Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:29 pm

~Kurai then walks into this empty building looking around,~
"What are you going to do? Use it as a hideout?"
"No body would look in here for Kira."
"Good idea, but there is one problem,"
~As he points out side of the building a few cop cars arrive outside of the werehouse she opens a cellar door going underground she silently closes it. They then break into the door Yelling,~
"They said she went in here!!"
"Then where?"
"Look, that cellar door!"
~They then bust through the cellar door then flashing there flashlight around the room finding nothing~
"She's not here!!"
"She probally got out at the lost second!"
"Go back up now!!"
~They then go back up out of the cellar as they close the cellar door behind them as they look around some more then drive off in there cars.~
~Kurai then Jumps down from the cealing releaseing her grip on the studs of the cellar landing on her feet then brushing off her cloak~
"That was a good idea to hide up there."
"Yea, I guess it was."
"But if they caught you, then what would you do?"
"Run for my life."
~She then opens the cellar door peeking out then closes it without a sound behind her~
"But you still would have been caught."
"Then at least I lived a good life."
~He then laughs loudly as Kurai walks out of the building makeing sure no one is in sight~
~Surprised He yells after her as he begins to run towards her~
"Hey wait up!!!"
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