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WE NEED YOUR HELP!!(For guests)

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WE NEED YOUR HELP!!(For guests) Empty WE NEED YOUR HELP!!(For guests)

Post  Lady Kurai Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:36 am

Ok, I signed into this RP many months ago to find it empty & dead. There will be no Mods here unless L Ryuzaki comes back or otherwize. I'm only asking if people who visit this site please sign up, this site is dead & I want to bring it from the dead(No pun entended). I allways have a oath for a forum to keep the best for it, & I want to help this one out, so please, anyone who visits this site, please register. Both I & every other user here who is un-used will need you. I'll say that sence L has not been on in such a long time, that the L Ryuzaki spot is open along with Light Yagami & any other canon characters unless the admin says otherwise(If he/her ever comes back that is). Thank you, & I hope you register.

~Kuraiyami Hana
Lady Kurai
Lady Kurai

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